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Women High Jump National Record Is Broken After 23 Years

Sedarati first became known to the track and field community when in the Autumn of 1964, just few days before the Tokyo Olympic, she broke Iran's high jump record by jumping 1.50 meters. The previous 1.47-meter record belonged to Nazi Bayat Makou who had improved her personal 1.45 meters few months before. Bayat Makou had been chosen by the Track and Field Federation to represent Iran in the Tokyo Olympic by the time Sedarati broke her record. Bayat Makou was also chosen the Woman of the Year by sport magazine Keyhan Varzeshi for the year 1963.

Maryam Sedarati's 1.50-meter jump in 1964

Nazi Bayat Makou's 1.47-meter jump in 1964

Sedarati during high school national championships in 1966 in Shiraz where she jumped 1.52 meters
By 1965, Sedarati was the "de facto" high jumper of Iran. She improved her record again by jumping 1.52 meters in 1966 and 1.55 meters in 1968. She was from city of Mashad in the province of Khorasan. She went back to her home town and got married. After five years absence from track and field and giving birth to a child, she returned to Tehran and broke her own record for the last time. This was the 1.60-meter record that would be broken 23 years later by Padideh Bolourizadeh.

Although in the Tehran Asian Games (1974) Sedarati did not gain fame like her male counterpart Teymour Ghiasi, she would go into history to become the first Iranian women athlete who tried the then new Pentathlon event (Panj-ganeh in Persian). Her 3,265-point record earned her a fifth place in this event. This was a good first-timer result specially when we compare it to the new national record of 3,304 points in Heptathlon. Sedarati took the seventh place in the high jump event in the Asian Games. She jumped only 1.55 meters.

Iranian Women High Jump Records in the Past 30 Years

July 1962 Maryam Sedarati 1.41 meters
September 1962 Nazi Bayat Makou 1.42 meters
June 1964 Nazi Bayat Makou 1.47 meters
September 1964 Maryam Sedarati 1.50 meters
June 1966 Maryam Sedarati 1.52 meters
July 1968 Maryam Sedarati 1.55 meters
June 1973 Maryam Sedarati 1.60 meters
September 1996 Padideh Bolourizadeh 1.64 meters

Olympic Women High Jump Records in the Past 30 Years

1964 Tokyo Iolanda Balas (ROM) 1.90 meters
1968 Mexico Miloslava Rezkova (CZE) 1.82 meters
1972 Munich Ulrike Meyfarth (GER) 1.92 meters
1976 Montreal Rosemarie Ackermann (GDR) 1.93 meters
1980 Moscow Sara Simeoni (ITA) 1.97 meters
1984 Los Angeles Ulrike Meyfarth (GER) 2.02 meters
1988 Seoul D. Louise Ritter (USA) 2.03 meters
1992 Barcelona Heike Henkel (GER) 2.02 meters
1996 Atlanta Stefka Kostandinova (BUL) 2.05 meters

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