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    The Statue of a mountaineer at Darband on the way to Pass-Ghale, a favorite spot for Tehrani mountain climbers.

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    Mr. Farhad Sepahbody is a journalist for the French news agency Agence De Presse Imapress which distributes articles and photos throughout the world. He writes in French but often in English too. Mr. Sepahbody reports on the US and the United Nations diplomatic, economic and political subjects and at times, on the lighter side, about Hollywood events. He also writes in Persian but not too often.

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    Soaring on Skis in the Persian Alborz Mountains

    By Farhad Sepahbody for Sportestan Publishing

    By all means, Iran has some of our planet's most beautiful mountains with countless piercing crests probing the deep blue Persian sky. A heart-stopping paradise for nature-lovers, climbers and of course, skiers of all age.

    Mount Damavand

    Some fifty miles north-east of Tehran's bustling and now highly-polluted capital of many millions, stands the majestic Mount Damavand, part of the Alborz chains, whose cone-like peak sweeps high above a wilderness of ice and snow. Mount Damavand is a dormant 18,934-feet-high volcano whose foothills are shrouded some months of the year with low-hanging clouds or mist lurking from the Caspian Sea. Its mystical beauty harbors many legends.

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